Destra Novedieci (karmabreeze) wrote in chineselanguage,
Destra Novedieci

Grad student's Chinese pizza project needs your help!

Ni hao, everyone,

I apologize in advance for being one of those annoying people who wants something, but maybe this will be a fun thing for the community.

I'm an MBA student studying International Business. I'm specializing toward China wherever I can, and I plan to start Mandarin lessons once I graduate. This semester I am in a class called Marketing Issues in the Chinese Environment. It's really cool. I love it! It totally confirms for me that I'm on the right path.

Now this is the part where I ask total strangers for help.

This class requires a group project, and my group has decided to explore Domino's Pizza's presence in China. Specifically, we're looking at reasons why Domino's hasn't been as successful as Pizza Hut despite being the undisputed leader everywhere else. Part of our research is to explore Chinese attitudes toward pizza, pizza delivery, favorite toppings, likes and dislikes, as well as dining culture in general. What about traditional Chinese dining might clash with a pizza restaurant? Stuff like that.

So anyway, my teammates and would be most grateful for any input you can give to us, whether you're a Chinese native or just an ex-pat or tourist with insightful observations to offer. I only ask that anyone who responds include both a first and last name and whether you are Chinese or not, and if not, then how much time you've spent in China. Feel free to contact me directly, but I think it will be easier, and probably more fun, if everyone just replies in the comments so we can get a Chinese pizza discussion going.

Thanks in advance, hope you enjoy the talk!

Rebecca Lehmann
MBA Student, University of Colorado Denver
LJ: karmabreeze
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