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Firstly, I'm wondering how to say the following simple phrases in Chinese:

"Let's be (become) friends!"

"Mine too!" As in, A: "My favorite movie is ____." B: "Mine too! :D"

And secondly, I'm wondering if anyone can explain to me when you use 吧 and 阿? I was watching a Chinese movie the other night and almost every one of their lines seemed to end in 吧 or 阿! I tend not to use these that often, so...I'm guessing I should! I'm worried I don't sound polite enough when I speak Chinese. v_v

Are there any textbooks you would maybe recommend too? I'm enrolled in a Chinese course at college, but I'm not a HUGE fan of our textbook. It's vague at times. For example, I'm still confused about a number of things, especially when to use pronouns. It seems like Chinese people leave out pronouns a lot in sentences where they should be used! O_o So I was looking to get a Chinese dictionary and maybe some other books that might help me.

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